Octatrack Preset for Pacer

Pacer Factory Presets

A description of preset C5 for the Elektron Octatrack.

For this preset to work as designed, you should have Pacer configured to transmit to the Octatrack’s ‘Auto-channel’. The easiest way to accomplish this is to set Pacer’s Global Channel to the one your OT uses as the Auto-channel. By default, the Octatrack uses channel 11.

  1. Press the [Preset] Stomp Switch.
  2. Turn the Data Encoder to select ‘GLBL’ (Global menu), then press the Encoder Button.
  3. The display should say ‘G_CH’, press the encoder button.
  4. Turn the Data Encoder to select the channel which your Octatrack uses as the Auto channel (default=11).
  5. Press the Encoder Button.
  6. Press the ‘Preset’ Stomp Switch.

The Preset

Preset C5 – Elektron Octatrack Pickup Machine


  • Switch A: Track Preset
  • Switch B: Transport Preset
  • Switch C: Previous Preset
  • Switch D: Next Preset
  • Switch 1: Pickup Record Combo
  • Switch 2: Pickup Play
  • Switch 3: Mute Track
  • Switch 4: Loop Direction
  • Switch 5: Previous Track
  • Switch 6: Next Track
  • FS1: Pickup Record AB
  • FS2: Pickup Record CD
  • FS3: Pickup Record Src3
  • FS4: Cue Track
  • EXP1: Track Volume
  • EXP2: Track Pitch 3