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Since Nektar Technology, Inc was founded in 2009, we have been passionate about our mission to bridge the gap between powerful music software and controller hardware. With software continuously evolving, a plethora of instruments and effects have become available. Able to run even on modest computers, music creation has become more accessible to the many and not just the privileged few. The evolution of computer music hardware unfortunately has not matched the progress of software so our mission was born: To create transparent and intuitive tactile products that allows musicians to control and operate music software, as if its hardware.

The Panorama P4 was launched in 2012 with support for Propellerheads Reason software. The deep integration allows Reason users to completely detach themselves from their computer when they are creating. The Panorama P1 and P6 followed in 2013 with additional support for Steinberg Cubase and the release of the Impact LX49, a budget controller that offers Nektar integration for 10 DAWs. Created by a team of experienced engineers who have worked in the industry forever and with more combined experience in the controller field than any other company, Nektar is well positioned to fulfill the mission. Though our Panorama and Impact products are already a quantum leap forward, our quest has only just begun.