H&K GrandMeister Preset for Pacer

Pacer Factory Presets

The Hughes & Kettner GrandMeister is a tube amplifier with full programmability and MIDI remote control. In Factory Preset D1, we have focussed on the basic channel and FX switching needs – with a little extra: EXP 2 changes its function depending on which stomp switch 2-5 you have pressed prior to using it. This allows you to control Gain, Mod Intensity, Delay and Reverb Mix from one pedal. EXP1 pedal one is programmed to control volume (“soft” volume control).

Switching amp presets is also supported: You need to connect 2 external foot switches for this, and can then step up (FS1) or down (FS2) thru the first 10 GrandMeister presets. (If you need more, this can be easily changed to cover all presets by reprogramming the range).

The Preset

Preset D1 – Grandmeister


  • Switch A: Track Preset
  • Switch B: Transport Preset
  • Switch C: Previous Preset
  • Switch D: Next Preset
  • Switch 1: Amp Channel 1-4
  • Switch 2: Boost On/Off*
  • Switch 3: ModFX On/Off*
  • Switch 4: Delay On/Off*
  • Switch 5: Reverb On/Off*
  • Switch 6: Gate On/Off
  • FS1: Increment Program 0-9
  • FS2: Decrement Program 9-0
  • FS3: OFF
  • FS4: OFF
  • EXP1: Volume
  • EXP2: *Stomp Switches [2]-[5] select the following functions for EXP2:
    1. Boost Level
    2. Mod Amount
    3. Delay Volume
    4. Reverb Volume