Getting started with Pacer and the Boss RC-505

Pacer Support

We are often asked about using Pacer with the Boss RC-505 Loop Station (original and Mk2).

The RC-505 doesn’t have any MIDI assignments by default, so you will need to manually assign MIDI CCs to the parameters you would like to control on the RC-505.

There is a section in the RC-505 manual about controlling it via MIDI, on page 21:

The RC-505mkll can be controlled using Control Change messages from external MIDI devices.

Receiving Control Change messages
You can use Control Change messages from an external MIDI device to control functions that would be difficult to control using the RC-505mkll’s own controllers.

In the “ASSIGN” (p. 17) setting, set SOURCE to “MIDI CC#1–#31, CC#64–#95,” and select the parameter that you want to control in TARGET.”

On Pacer, you can start with Pacer preset D4, “General MIDI CC”—please note that when you press a Stomp Switch, the display will show the MIDI CC which is being transmitted. You can then assign the CCs to the function you would like to control on the RC-505.