Using Mixcraft with Impact

Impact Setup & Troubleshooting

Impact LX and LX+ controllers can be used as a simple control surface in Mixcraft by Acoustica with some basic configuration.

Installation & Setup

To get started, please download the Mixcraft Control Surface Script file from the link below.

Note: Only Mixcraft 7 and above are supported

  1. Connect your Impact LX controller to your computer.
  2. Place the ‘ImpactLX.csv’ file in the following location: C:\ProgramData\Acoustica\Mixcraft\control-surfaces (Image 1)
    OrC:\ProgramData\Acoustica\Mixcraft\controllers For Mixcraft 10.
    Note: This is a hidden directory. If you don’t see the ‘ProgramData’ directory at the root of your system drive, you will need to un-hide protected OS files and folders. You can find instructions here: Show hidden files.
  3. Start Mixcraft.
  4. Open the ‘File’ menu.
  5. Select ‘Preferences’.
  6. Go to the ‘MIDI’ page.
  7. Set the ‘Default MIDI Device’ to ‘Impact LX**’. (Image 2)
  8. Click ‘OK’.
  9. Open the ‘Mix’ menu.
  10. Select ‘MIDI Control Surface…’.
  11. From the surfaces list, select ‘ImpactLX’. (Image 3)
  12. Click ‘Close’.

Note: ‘**’ represents 25, 49, 61 or 88; depending on which Impact series controller you are using.

Now make sure that the USB Port Setup mode for the Impact LX controller is set to 2. Please follow these steps:

  1. Hold ‘Shift/Mute’ and press ‘Patch > (Setup)’. The display will say ‘S.E.t.’.
  2. Press key ‘A2’ (this is the 13th white key from the left on 25, 49 and 61 key controllers, 22nd white key on 88 key controllers).
  3. Press key ‘C3’ (labeled with a ‘-‘) until the display says 0.0.2. (on the LX25+, press ‘C3’ (Enter) then press ‘C1’ (-) until the display says ‘0.0.2.’).
  4. Hold ‘Shift/Mute’ and press ‘Patch > (Setup)’ to exit Setup mode.


Transport Buttons:

Button Function
Cycle Activate/Deactivate loop markers in Sequencer
<< (Rewind) Moves playback position backward
>> (Fast Forward) Moves playback position forward
Stop Stops playback
Play Starts/Stops play back
Record Activates Recording (when at least one track is armed to record)

Track & Patch Buttons:

Button Function
< Track and Track > Moves the selected bank by 1 track at a time
< Patch and Patch > Moves the selected bank by 8 tracks at a time

Mixer Mode  (press the Mixer button)


  • Faders 1-8 control volume for the selected bank of 8 channels.
  • Fader 9 controls the Master Volume.

Fader Buttons:

  • Buttons 1-8 Mute the selected bank of 8 channels.


  • Control Pan for the selected bank of 8 channels.

Instrument Mode  (press the Inst. button)

The faders, fader buttons and knobs can be used with Mixcraft’s MIDI learn system.

Preset Mode (press the Preset button)

The faders, fader buttons and knobs can be used with Mixcraft’s MIDI learn system.