Using Harrison Mixbus or Ardour with Impact

Impact Setup & Troubleshooting

Impact LX, LX+, and GX controllers can be used as a simple control surface in Harrison Mixbus and Ardour with some basic configuration. To get started, please download the Control Surface Script file from the link below.

Installation & Setup

Please first download this file:


Ardour/Mixbus Nektar Impact Map 1.67 KB 842 downloads


Note: Only Ardour 5 and Mixbus 32C above are supported.

Place the downloaded file in the following directory for Ardour:

  • Windows: C:\Program Files\Ardour<version number>\share\ardour<version number>\midi_maps (Image 1)
  • OSX: //Applications/Ardour<version number>/Contents/Resources/midi_maps (Image 2)
    Note: Right-Click on the Ardour application, select ‘show package contents’.

Place the downloaded file in the following directory for Harrison Mixbus:

  • Windows: C:\Program Files\Mixbus32C-<version number>\share\ardour5\midi_maps (Image 3)
  • OSX: //Applications/Mixbus32C-<version number>/Contents/Resources/midi_maps (Image 4)
    Note: Right-Click on the Mixbus application, select ‘show package contents’.

Ardour/Mixbus Installation:

  1. Connect your Impact LX/+ or GX controller to your computer.
  2. Start Ardour or Mixbus.
  3. In Windows, open the ‘Edit’ menu.
  4. In OSX, open the ‘Mixbus32C-<version number>’ menu or the ‘Ardour<version number>’ menu.
  5. Select ‘Preferences’.
  6. Select ‘Control Surfaces’.
  7. Highlight ‘Generic MIDI’ and check the ‘Enable’ box. (Image 5 Windows, Image 6 OS X)
  8. Double click on ‘Generic MIDI’. (Image 7 Windows, Image 8 OS X)
  9. Set Incoming MIDI to: ‘Impact ****.
  10. Set Outgoing MIDI to: ‘Impact ****.
  11. Set MIDI Binding to ‘Nektar Impact LX’ or ‘Nektar Impact GX’.
  12. Note: Smoothing setting helps prevent fader and knob glitching. Set to above 15.

Note: ‘Impact ****’ where **** is the full model designator, e.g.; ‘Impact LX49+’ or ‘Impact GX61’.


Now make sure that the USB Port Setup mode for the Impact controller is set to 0. Please follow these steps for Impact LX/LX+:

  1. Hold ‘Shift/Mute’ and press ‘Patch > (Setup)’. The display will say ‘S.E.t.’.
  2. Press key ‘A2’ (this is the 13th white key from the left on 25, 49 and 61 key controllers, 22nd white key on 88 key controllers).
  3. Press key ‘C3’ (labeled with a ‘-‘) until the display says 0.0.0. (on the LX25+, press ‘C3’ (Enter) then press ‘C1’ (-) until the display says ‘0.0.0.’).
  4. Hold ‘Shift/Mute’ and press ‘Patch > (Setup)’ to exit Setup mode.

Please follow these steps for Impact GX:

  1. Press ‘Setup’. The setup button will illuminate.
  2. Press key ‘A2’ (labeled ‘USB Port Setup’).
  3. Press key ‘G3’ on GX49 or ‘G4’ on GX61 (labeled with a ‘0’).
  4. Press key ‘C5’ (GX49) or ‘C6’ (GX61) (labeled ‘Enter’).


Transport Buttons:

Button Function
Cycle Activate/Deactivate loop markers in Sequencer
<< (Rewind) Moves playback position backward
>> (Fast Forward) Moves playback position forward
Stop Stops play back
Play Starts play back
Record Activates Recording

< Track & Track > Buttons:

  • Moves the selected bank by 8 tracks at a time

Mixer Mode (press the Mixer button)


  • Faders 1-8 control volume for the selected bank of 8 channels.
  • Fader 9 controls the Master Volume.

Fader Buttons:

  • Buttons 1-8 Mute the selected bank of 8 channels.


  • Control Pan for the selected bank of 8 channels.

Instrument Mode (press the Inst button)


  • Control the first 8 parameters for the selected plug-in.