Pro Tools Setup and Troubleshooting: Panorama T Series

Panorama T4/T6 Support

There are no files to be installed, in order to use the Panorama T Series with Pro Tools. The T Series controller will emulate a M-Audio keyboard, for Mixer and Transport functions.


Please make sure that you have updated your controller’s firmware and then follow these steps:

  1. Plug-in your Panorama T-series controller and make sure it’s switched on (if you didn’t do so already).
  2. Launch Pro Tools and create a Project, or open an existing one.
  3. Go to the ‘Setup’ menu.
  4. Select ‘Peripherals…’.
  5. In the Window that appears, select the ‘MIDI Controllers’ tab.
  6. For ‘Type’ select ‘M-Audio Keyboard’.
  7. For ‘MIDI Input’, select ‘MIDIIN2 (PanoramaT*) [Emulated]’ in Windows (image 1) or ‘PanoramaT* Mixer’ in MacOS (image 2).
  8. For ‘MIDI Output’, select ‘ MIDIOUT2 (PanoramaT*) [Emulated]’ in Windows (image 1) or ‘ PanoramaT* Mixer’ in MacOS (image 2).
  9. Click ‘OK’ to close the Control Surface Setup window.
  10. Press both [Octave] buttons on the T-series for the Global menu (image 3).
  11. Turn the encoder labeled ‘DAWCTL’ to select ‘PTOOLS’ (image 4).
  12. Press the [Mixer] button.
  13. Press the [Play] button on the T-series controller.
  14. Playback should now start in Pro Tools.


Mixer Mode
Once configured you will be able to control Mixer channels in banks of 8.

  • Faders 1-8 = Channel Volume for the selected bank.
  • Fader 9 = Master Volume.
  • Buttons 1-8 = Select, Record Arm, Mute or Solo.
  • Button 9 = Select function for buttons 1-8.
  • [Track-/+] = Select previous or next channel.
  • [Shift]+[Track-/+] = Move to the previous or next bank of 8 channels.

Transport Buttons
The transport buttons perform the following functions:

Button Function
Loop Used in conjunction with other buttons to activate loop functions
<< Rewind
>> Fast Forward
Stop Stop playback
Play Start playback
Record Arm the transport for recording

The ‘Loop’ button provides additional options and gives access to the following functions:

Buttons Function
Loop + Play Loop Playback
Loop + Record Loop Record
Loop + Stop Undo
Loop + RW Go to start
Loop + FF Go to end

Note: The loop button has no function when pressed by itself.

Controlling Instrument Parameters
It’s possible to assign the controls to instrument parameters in Pro Tools, when the T-series controller is in Internal Mode. Many of the AIR instruments and third-part plug-ins have a ‘Learn’ function.

For example, if you right-click on a parameter in the ‘XPand 2’ plug-in you will see menu with assignment options, as shown in this image. Select ‘Learn CC’ then move a fader or encoder on your T-series keyboard. That parameter should now be controlled by the pot.


If you encounter the warning shown in in this image, it is because the Impact series keyboards are not M-Audio keyboards. Simply click the ‘Don’t show this again’ option and then click ‘OK’.