Nektar Cherry Audio software bundle

Nektar Software Bundle

Our friends at Cherry Audio and Bitwig have helped us create this great music production software bundle, included with select Nektar products.

No less than 5 stunning, full version, Cherry Audio plugins are included, at a total MSRP value of $275.00. Cherry Audio have been at the forefront of plugin instrument development since 2018 and know software modeling like nobody else. Enjoy the 4 virtual synthesizers Mercury-6, PS-20, OctaveCat and DreamSynth and get the Starburst 201 tape echo to boot. All with no restrictions other than purchasing a qualifying Nektar product (see list). 

To compliment this great collection, we also include the Bitwig Studio 8-Track DAW, complete with its own collection of instruments and effects.  Bitwig Studio is the hottest DAW around. With its award winning workflow that offer both linear and clip-based recording, it’s perfect for the modern musician who just want to compose and create.

No kidding! All of this is included with eligible Nektar products and can be claimed immediately after registering your new Nektar purchase. Without a doubt, the Nektar software bundle is the best DAW and instrument collection imaginable, for beginners as well as experienced producers / musicians. 


Qualifying products (listed below) must be purchased new, on or after October 30, 2023:

Impact LX25+

Impact LX49/61+

Impact LX88+

Impact LX Mini

Panorama T4/T6

Impact GXP49/61/88


Cherry Audio Mercury-6

The Mercury-6 is an accurate model of the classic Jupiter 6 synthesizer. Released in 1983, the synth was part of a core suite of instruments that shaped the evolution of electronic music, possibly even more so in the decades following. Even if you own the original, the Cherry Audio Mercury-6 is a great addition to your sonic arsenal with many improvements over the original including more than 6 note polyphony, a new effects section, easy access to hidden features, lots of new sounds and more. 


Cherry Audio’s PS-20 synthesizer is based on another great classic: The MS-20. It includes all the best of the original such as of course the gritty, growling highpass/lowpass filer section with drive that can add edge to any track. Rather than a faithful reprouction, the PS-20 seek inspiration in the original design but enhances the instrument to give you a better synth experience overall. 


Of all the instruments in this bundle, The CAT is the best starting point if you are new to synthesis and want to go beyond using the factory patches and start creating your own. But even experienced synthesists are surprised by the puch The CAT packs. Octave Cat features the flexible modulation, screaming audio-range oscillator cross-mod, and fierce oscillator sync of the original hardware, and extends it with expanded polyphony, a robust integrated effects suite, and a versatile dual-step sequencer.


The DreamSynth DS-1 combines the best of digital and analog synths with inspiration drawn from many of the late 80’s “Made in USA” instruments. DreamSynth taps in to that era’s technical evolution by incorporating sample-based digital oscillators with analog syle waveforms, flexible dual-wave morphing, stereo filters, fully polyphonic analog strings, extensive and easy-to-use modulation, studio-quality effects, polyphonic aftertouch and MPE support.  Capable of creating huge complex and rich sounds, DreamSynth is both fresh, new and fmailiar at the same time. A must as part of this bundle.


We included the Stardust 201 tape echo because it’s a great addition to any recording setup, Even if synths are not really your thingt, this great effect,  makes the bundle worthwhile, . Based on the RE-201 and RE-301 Roland tape echo hardware, the plugin comes with many improvements including of course echo reproduction that goes beyond low-fi tape by also incorporating digital clarity.

Bitwig Studio 8-Track

Bitwig 8-track Arrangement view

Start producing, performing, and designing sounds like a pro from day one with the included Bitwig Studio 8-Track. It gives you access to over 50 software instruments and effects for use on up to 8 audio or MIDI project tracks – including support for any 3rd party VST plug-ins you might own. The software comes with the ‘Bitwig Essentials Package’, a highly versatile handpicked selection of loops, clips and samples to help you get started. The combination of Nektar products and Bitwig Studio 8-Track provides you with a powerful sketchpad for your musical ideas, featuring the acclaimed workflow of Bitwig Studio.

Nektar DAW Integration supports Bitwig Studio 8-Track, so using Nektar products and Bitwig Studio 8-Track together is a fantastic combination: If you are just starting out, this is a great way to take your first steps in the world of digital music creation. And if you’re already familiar with using DAW software you’ll be amazed at what this combination has to offer!