FL Studio Setup and Troubleshooting: Panorama T Series

Panorama T4/T6 Support

There are no files to be installed, in order to use the Panorama T series with FL Studio.

Installation & Setup

The T series controller will emulate a MCU (Mackie Control Universal) controller, for Mixer and Transport functions. Just make sure that you have updated your controller’s firmware and then follow these steps:

  1. Plug-in your Panorama T series controller and make sure it’s switched on (if you didn’t do so already).
  2. Launch FL Studio.
  3. Go to the ‘Options’ menu.
  4. Select ‘MIDI Settings’.
  5. In the ‘Output’ section, set the Port number to 90 for ‘MIDIOUT2 (PanoramaT*)’ in Windows or ‘PanoramaT* Mixer’ in OS X
    In the ‘Input’ section, enable ‘Panorama T4’ in Windows or ‘PanoramaT* Internal’ in OS X.
  6. Also in the ‘Input section, enable the ‘MIDIOUT2 (PanoramaT*)’ in Windows or ‘PanoramaT* Mixer’ in OS X, set the ‘Controller Type’ to Mackie Control Universal and set the Port number to 90.
  7. Close the MIDI Settings window.
  8. Press both [Octave] buttons on the T series for the Global menu.
  9. Turn the encoder labeled ‘DAWCTL’ to select ‘MCU’
  10. Press the [Mixer] button.
  11. Press the [Play] button on the T series controller.

Playback should now start in FL Studio.


Once configured you will be able to control Mixer channels in banks of 8.

Faders 1-8 Volume for channels 1-8 in the current bank.
Buttons 1-8 Mute for channels 1-8 in the current bank.
Encoders 1-8 Pan for channels 1-8 in the current bank.
Fader 9 Master Volume
[Shift] + [Track -/+] Move to the previous or next bank of 8 channels.
[<<] Rewind
[>>] Fast forward
[Stop] Stop playback/recording
[Play] Start playback
[Record] Start recording