FL Studio Setup and Troubleshooting: Impact

Impact Setup & Troubleshooting

The Impact LX FL Studio Integration is compatible with Fl Studio 11.1.1 RC3 or later.

These instructions assumes you have FL Studio installed running on Windows or OS X. There are no files you need to download, only follow the instructions below.


  1. Plug-in your Impact and make sure to switch it on (if you didn’t do so already)
  2. Launch FL Studio and go to Options/MIDI Settings (image 1 for Windows, image 2 for OS X)
  3. The Impact ports should now appear in the FL Studio window as per Image 1 and 2. If you don’t see them, click ‘Rescan devices’ at the bottom of the window.
  4. The Output port Impact LX** should be set to port ‘155’
  5. Enable input port ‘Impact LX**’ (in Windows) or ‘Impact LX** MIDI1’ (in OS X) and set Controller Type to ‘(generic controller)’
  6. Enable input port ‘MIDIIN2 (Impact LX**)’ (in Windows) or ‘Impact LX** MIDI2’ (in OS X) and set Controller Type to ‘Nektar Impact series’
  7. Set ‘MIDIIN2 (Impact LX**)’ (in Windows) or ‘Impact LX** MIDI2’ (in OS X) to port ‘155’
  8. Exit MIDI settings

That’s it, setup is now complete and you can move on to the fun part, learning how it all works.


Patch Changes
If you find that the [< Patch] and [Patch >] buttons don’t work when controlling a third-party plug-in, it’s likely because the plug-in uses it’s own patch browser. The Patch buttons on the Impact series control the patch navigation functions of the DAW, so you may need to save the plug-ins presets in your DAWs patch format, before you can use the Patch buttons on the Impact controller for patch navigation. You can find more information about saving patches in your DAW, in the documentation for that program.

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