News: M1 Update for Logic Pro X DAW Integration and Nektar Impact/SE Controllers

Dec 2, 2021

Nektar DAW Integration update for Logic Pro X and Impact/SE controllers with native M1 support and new features.

The new Nektar DAW Integration software version for Nektar Impact GX, GXP, LX+ and SE series controllers can be used with Logic Pro X 10.6 and higher. It includes native M1 support and workflow enhancements especially for plugin control with Impact LX+. Apart from M1 support, the new version now offers visual feedback for the state of soft-takeover / parameter pickup mode. Impact LX+ users benefit from a host of additional features:

Enhanced workflow when controlling plugins: Pressing [Shift]+[Record] now toggles latch for the selected mixer channel, this can be used to record automation for instrument mode controls.

• Logic Smart Controls are easier to navigate with the new version, pressing [Shift] and [Page] allow you to dismiss the Smart Controls panel from Mixer or Instrument Mode. For Impact LX25+ owners, using Smart Controls in Mixer mode is easier now thanks to just having to press [Page] for access.

• Parameter learn from the hardware: Whereas before you had to press CMD+L on the computer keyboard to engage Logic’s learn mode, you can now simply hold [Page] and move a control on LX+ to learn the last moved instrument parameter.

• Instrument mode “User” page assignments made using learn are stored even after “restore defaults” is activated.

New Marker features: The 8 pads serve to manage and navigate markers in Logic. Holding [Page] and selecting a pad lets you select one of 8 banks for a total of 64 markers. In the new version, pads indicate a stored marker in orange, and green if Logic’s playhead is at that marker position. Holding [Shift] and tapping an empty pad creates a new marker at the playhead position. Holding [Shift] and tapping an illuminated pad deletes a marker.

You’ll find all details for your controller model in the DAW integration documentation that’s included with the software. 

The update is free and available for download directly from the Nektar user account (the applicable software becomes visible automatically after registering the controller, OS version and DAW).