Studio One 5.1 Compatibility

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Presonus Support installers for all Nektar products have been updated to include support for Studio One 5.1. Earlier versions of our support software will result in an error message appearing when you start Studio One and in some cases the application will crash.

IMPORTANT: If you were using your controller with Studio One 5.0.2 or earlier, please remove the devices from the ‘External Devices’ menu in Studio One, before installing this update.

If you have already started Studio One 5.1, with an older version of our Presonus Support and encountered an error message or crash, please run the latest installer from your account page, then navigate to the External Devices menu in Studio One and remove any External Device configurations for Nektar devices. After clicking the ‘Remove’ button, click ‘No’, so that the controllers files are not deleted. Then restart Studio One, so that the controller can be detected as if it were the first time.

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