Pro Tools Setup & Troubleshooting: Impact GXP

Impact GX/LX Mini & GXP Support

  1. If you haven‘t yet updated the firmware in your Impact GXP, complete that step first. The firmware update files are a separate download available from MY ACCOUNT on our website. With the firmware update complete, move on to the next steps.
  2. Plug-in your Impact GXP and make sure it’s switched on (if you didn’t do so already).
  3. Press the [Setup] button on Impact GXP and press [E3 – USB Port Setup] mode to select.
  4. Press [4] on the number buttons to select Pro Tools mode. Impact GXP will then exit setup.
  5. Launch Pro Tools and go to Setup/Peripherals.
  6. Click on the ‘MIDI Controllers‘ tab.
  7. Setup a control surface with the following settings:
    • Type: M-Audio Keyboard
    • Receive From: ‘Impact GXP MIDI 2’ in MacOS
      ‘MIDIIN2 (Impact GXP) [Emulated]’ in Windows
    • Send To: ‘Impact GXP MIDI 2’ in MacOS
      ‘MIDIOUT2 (Impact GXP) [Emulated]‘ in Windows
  8. Click “OK” to exit.

That’s it, setup is now complete.


If you encounter the warning shown in the image to the right, it is because the Impact series keyboards are not M-Audio keyboards. Simply click the ‘Don’t show this again’ option and then click ‘OK’.