The latest firmware for Panorama T4 & T6 is included in the package you download from our MY ACCOUNT tab. If you haven’t yet registered your Panorama T4/T6, go to and start the process, by first setting up an account.

Once the process has been completed, a zip file containing both firmware and, if applicable, a Nektar DAW integration installer is available for download.

The zip file also includes a PDF user and setup guide which covers the firmware update process.

If you just need a quick recap of the process, here it is, listed below.

  1. Connect Panorama T4/T6 to your computer via USB.

  2. With Panorama T4/T6 switched off, press and hold [fader button 9]+[Shift] while switching the unit on. The two buttons are next to each other and the display will be white when the unit is on.

  3. Locate the downloaded package that this guide came with and make sure it’s unzipped. The nkupdate app is in the “Firmware” folder (on MacOS it’s a dmg file).

  4. Launch the nkupdate application. Once launched, it should look like the image.

  5. If the ‘Load File’ button is grayed out, close nkupdate and launch it again.

  6. Follow the nkupdate on-screen instructions to load and update Panorama T4/T6’s firmware. The firmware file should be selecteable after clicking the [Load File] button.

  7. Once the update process is complete, switch Panorama T4/T6 off and on again.