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Where can I find drivers for my Nektar controller?
You can find the files you need to use your Nektar controller on your Nektar account page, after registering the controller. Most Nektar controllers are class compliant USB MIDI devices. This means they use a driver which is built into your computer’s Operating System, so they should be detected as generic controllers automatically. Our installers provide the necessary control surface support software for the DAWs that you have chosen on your account page.
Do I get software access if I register a product purchased second hand?

Yes. If you purchase a Nektar product second hand, you will still be able to access Nektar DAW integration software when you register. However, you may not be eligible for any bundled third-party software.

I registered my product. Why don't I see any files on my account page?
If you don’t see any files on your account page, please check that you have a DAW and OS selected. Which files you will see depends on which DAW and OS you selected. If you select a DAW for which we don’t provide integration files (for example FL Studio), you may only see a .pdf file with instructions for setting up your controller.


Where can I have my Nektar controller repaired? Are there any authorized service centers near me?
If you have a Nektar controller which is malfunctioning or that has been physically damaged, please contact Nektar tech support. If you live in a region where our products are sold through a distributor, you will need to contact the distributor to arrange a warranty return/repair.
Is a power adapter included with my Aura/Pacer/LX88+/GXP controller?
These controllers can be powered via USB or you can purchase an AC adapter separately. You can find specs for the type of adapter you need on the USB Power and Nektar Controllers page.
What is the white substance coming from the keys?
A white oily substance is applied to the keys during assembly, as a lubricant, to keep the keys moving smoothly. Normally you won’t see this substance but it can come up through the keys during shipping. It’s a non-toxic silicone based lubricant.
Can I use a longer USB cable than the one that is included?
We recommend using the included cable but longer cables can be used. Note, USB spec says USB cables should not be longer than 15ft. For more information see USB Power and Nektar controllers page.
Is my sustain pedal compatible with my Nektar controller?
The Foot Switch inputs on Nektar controllers are designed to work with switch type sustain pedals (for example, the Nekar NP1 and NP2 pedals).

If you are using a Half-Damper pedal (like a Yamaha FC3A or Roland DP10), it will need to be connected to the expression input and you will need to set the Expression Pedal input to CC64. If your controller does not have an expression input, then it is not compatible with Half-Damper pedals.

Nektar controllers should detect switch polarity at startup, so make sure that your pedal is connected to the controller when you turn the controller on and that you are not pressing the pedal when the controller starts up.


Why don't I see DAW integration software downloads for my Impact controller?

For Pro Tools, FL Studio, and Bitwig, there is not software to install, but you can find a setup PDF guide on your account page.

In some cases, like FL Studio and Bitwig, the actual integration is included by the DAW’s developers. Please follow the setup guide PDF found in your account.

For Live and Mixcraft, you can find a Remote Script or Control Surface Script, respectively, on your account page as well as the setup PDF guide.

When I first connect my Nektar device to my Mac, the Keyboard Setup Assistant opens up—what do I do?
This happens because the controller is able to transmit key commands and other HID messages. You can simply quit this application.
Do you have integration for Reaper under Linux?
Do you have integration for Garageband on iOS?
No, however Garageband for iOS does respond to MMC transport messages. This will provide volume control for the selected track and basic transport controls.

  • GXP, GX, LX Mini and GX Mini send MMC in USB Port Setup Mode 3.
  • Pacer has an MMC preset.
  • The T-series sends MMC from the transport by default.
  • On the P-series, you would need to manually configure the Transport buttons to send MMC.
  • The LX+ needs to be manually configured as well.

Please see the respective device User Guides to learn how to configure your device for this.

Why doesn't my MacOS music software receive data from my controller, even though it appears to be recognized by my computer?
Sometimes when a controller is connected for the first time, it’s ports do not appear correctly in the MIDI Studio window in Audio MIDI Setup. When this happens it’s necessary to disconnect the controller and delete the icon for the controller. When you connect it again, the icon for the controller will appear correctly. For more information see the MIDI Communication Issues page.
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