Auto-fader group: Panorama P Series

Panorama P1/P4/P6 Support

The Auto-fader group includes the motorized fader (a.k.a. the Auto-fader) and two assignable buttons: Mute and Solo [*]. There are two display pages dedicated to this set of controls:
  • The Control Edit page (Setup menu / Control Edit): This is where the MIDI CC# assignments can be changed for these controls. For more information, see the “Auto-fader group” section on the Panorama Internal Mode: Control Edit article. [**]
  • The Auto-fader page: Accessed by pressing the Fader button just to the right of the Auto-fader. This is the page we will discuss here.

[*] Note that the Fader button is not an assignable control; it is only used to access the Fader menu, as described below. [**] The MIDI CC# assignments for the Auto-fader group controls are Global settings, which means they are not stored with the Preset. If they are changed by way of the Control Edit section they will maintain those settings for all Presets.

Fader Menu

There may be times when you are working with another DAW, or perhaps controlling a rack full of external devices, that you will find it advantageous to remain on the Fader menu page. It allows you to switch from one MIDI channel to the next and set the relative levels, pan positions and effect send levels very easily.

To enter the Fader menu, press the Fader button (next to the Auto-fader). Doing so will bring up the following display: (Image 1).

In Internal mode this menu behaves like a General MIDI channel strip. Here’s what’s possible using the default settings for the Auto-fader group:

  • The fader will control the volume of the target device using MIDI CC# 7
  • The Mute button will transmit values of MIDI CC# 12 
  • The Solo button will transmit values of MIDI CC# 13
  • The Data encoder will control parameters such as Pan (CC# 10), Send 1 (CC# 91) and Send 2 (CC#93). Sends 1 and 2 correspond to the Reverb and Chorus send levels, respectively.

Note: ‘Mute’ and ‘Solo’ are not part of the GM2 specifications, so you may need to reassign them according to the requirements of the software you use.

Each of the arrows on the display menu buttons has a particular function:

  • M1/M2 (down/up arrows): Determine whether Pan, Send 1 or Send 2 will be controlled by the Data encoder
  • M3/M4 (down/up arrows): Select the MIDI channel number on which the Auto-fader, the Mute/Solo buttons and the Data encoder transmit (Global or 1-16)
  • M5: Returns to the Internal mode home page

To change the MIDI CC# assignments for these controls, as with any other, access the Control Edit page from the Internal mode Setup menu. Then move the fader or press one of the buttons to call up the page you want.